“Chaser” Is Now Available!

Chaser: An Interplanetary Tale of a Boy and his Dog can now be ordered on Amazon! Just click: HERE to order for you or anyone in your family interested in a young man’s journey through space. Accompanied by his best friend, Chaser, Kennedy Barnes bends rules, makes poor decisions, and learns what responsibility and true friendship means, all in an effort to travel across the galaxy with his dog.

The story’s target audience is readers between the ages of eight and twelve. Hopefully, however, this will interest anyone who loves science fiction and middle grade literature.

Please join Kenny, Chaser, and everyone else as they face danger and the unknowns of a new planet. Again, click the Amazon Link: HERE and begin experiencing the adventure today.

“Chaser,” An Interplanetary Tale of a Boy and his Dog is coming January 2018!

If you have a elementary school or middle-grade-aged child, a book sure to capture their imagination is coming in January 2018! Chasewill be available from Immortal Works Press.

How far would you go to be with your best friend? Would you give up a chance to travel to a new planet? Would you disobey your parent? How important would it be? These questions and others face twelve-year old Kennedy Barnes as he and his dad prepare for an interplanetary mission to Planet X489-B, a mission to bring Earth’s animals to a planet without animals.

Or so they think.

Kennedy must choose to either leave his dog Chaser home, or try and smuggle him onboard. He decides leaving Chaser back on Earth would be too painful so he figures out a way to bring him along. What follows is a story of strength, deception, harrowing escapes and painful lessons learned. Join Kennedy, Chaser, and the entire crew of Trinity Base as they travel billions of miles from home on an adventure as big as the universe. You’ll find out how far one boy will go to be with his best friend.

Details as to release date and where to pick up your copy will be available soon. Get ready, Chaser is coming!!

“Chaser,” a Middle-Grade Novel is Coming!

Immortal Works Infinity

Chaser, a middle-grade book, will be released January 2018 through Immoral Works!

My book, Chaser, is slated to be released through Immortal Works Press in January 2018. The book is an adventure tale of a boy who won’t allow anything–not even a space voyage–to separate him from his best friend, his dog Chaser. Young Kennedy (Kenny) Barnes is picked to accompany his father on an interplanetary mission. The manifest is set, but Kenny wants to add one more.

More information about the book and its release will be presented here when it’s available. Remember, 2018 is a Year of the Chaser!

Steampunk Panel for FanX 2016!

In almost every writing conference, symposium, and comic con, you’ll mostly find a panel that discusses Steampunk.

There’s a good reason for this.

It’s because Steampunk is cool–very cool.

Because I’ve written a couple of short stories in a steampunk world, I was asked to be on a panel and sit with some amazing panelists at this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. Here’s who will be there:

And it’s being moderated by the great Dave Butler.

When you get a steampunk panel together, I’ve found that you never quite know what will happen, partially because a lot of what makes up steampunk is based on their own interpretation. Steampunk is a written genre, an artistic movement, and a fashion style. Personally, I think it’s because it’s still evolving.

If you’re attending this year’s FanX March 24-26 and you’d like to know more about Steampunk, check us out Steampunk: Beyond Goggles, Friday, 6pm in room 150G. It’s going to be great!

FanX 2016 Panel–Not For The Faint Of Heart: Being A Resilient Writer

A couple of weeks ago those doing Herculean work preparing for this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con FanX sent out the panel schedule.

I LOVED what panels they asked me to do. They’re fantastic, and I can’t wait for next week. But as I checked the FanX iPhone app yesterday, I noticed a panel that I had previously missed.

And I LOVE this new one, too!

On Thursday, 2-3pm in room 255B I will be part of a group talking about being a resilient writer. The title for the panel is: Not for the Faint of Heart: Being a Resilient Writer. There will be seven of us explaining the things that have worked for us, and the things that don’t. I hope, if you’re attending the event and would like help in this area, that you schedule time to check us out.

Also, I get to be on a panel with the spectacularly awesome Craig Nybo and the incredibly talented Rebecca Moesta (actually, Craig is incredibly talented and Rebecca is spectacularly awesome, too…). The other panelists, Shannon Camp, James R. Tuck, Cindy Grigg, and Courtney Alameda, I hope to get to know as well.

Are you a resilient writer? If not, spend an hour with us!

Mechanized Masterpieces: An American Anthology…The Book Launch!

It’s a humbling experience to have a story chosen to be published. Almost two years ago it happened to me for the first time. I submitted a little story–one I’m still proud of–and it was picked, edited, revised and included in a terrific anthology.

It was a blast then.

And it’s a blast this time, too!

On Saturday, February 28, 2015 beginning at 8pm CST, Xchyler Publishing will officially launch Mechanized Masterpieces: An American Anthology, and we’re inviting everyone to join us for the launch party! Just log onto Facebook and follow the link: HERE. If you’ve never participated in a book launch from Xchyler, they are great! There’s contests, prizes, quizzes and a chance to chat with the authors who wrote the

Here’s a breakdown of the

My story is the second-to-last, Mr. Thornton. It’s a steampunk retelling of a character from Jack London’s Call of the 

This Saturday night, skip the movie! Save money and by not eating out–just grab a pizza and log on to the book launch for Mechanized Masterpieces: An American Anthology! It’s WAY more fun!

Speckled, A Collection of Short Stories


Speckled, A Collection of Short Stories is now available through Amazon!

Follow the link: HERE to order your copy today. The Kindle version will be available shortly.

Speckled is a collection of diverse stories. Dystopian, Steampunk, Fantasy, even a poem or two. If you’re looking for a couple of dozen different adventures with different tastes and textures, give Speckled a try. It just might be the little book you’ve been looking for.

Westercon Is Coming!

Westercon 67*

Next month Westerncon rolls into town and I am a participant. I’m both excited and honored to be chosen as a panelist. On the list of those attending my name appears with others whom I consider friends and who possess incredible talents in both writing and the visual arts.
I’m also a little nervous about going. I’m nervous because it will be a first for me at this particular convention. It’s sort of how I felt when attending a Comic Con for the first time last fall. I had no idea what to expect back then, either.
Westerncon organizers have contacted me several times in the past month making sure that any special requests I might have concerning the convention are covered, requests such as tables, having books available for sale and to sign, and even my preferences in food. It reminds me just how much work behind the scenes goes into an event like this, hard work that fosters success.
You can check out Westerncon’s website: HERE. Also, taking place across the street at the very same time is FantasyCon (their website is: HERE). Celebrities, artists, authors and performers will all be there, so it’s practically guaranteed you’ll find something to satisfy any interests you have.
Westerncon is coming! Are you ready?
* Photo used without permission from: https://www.facebook.com/Westercon67

Shades And Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology


Halloween Day signals the release of Xchyler Publishing’s latest, Shades And Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology. One of the nine stories contained in the book is mine.

A little about my story, Split Ends. I’ve never written a paranormal story even though I find the subject fascinating. So when Xchyler announced the theme of paranormal for their next anthology, I started to think about what I could contribute to the project. I thought about relationships and that led me to what ultimately became Split Ends.

The story revolves around two people, people who have known each other for decades. It’s set in a beauty salon (something else I have little experience in…). Since I lack experience writing in the genre, I felt I couldn’t “out scare” or “out gore” the other submissions. I wanted my story to be different from the other short stories, and I was right.

Over the last month on my daily blog, ScottyWattyDoodleAllTheDay.Blogspot.com, I reviewed each of the stories in the book, except mine. My reviews were not extensive–I didn’t want to give away too many spoilers. I tried to give some honest opinions and flavor of each story. They’re all so different, so I suppose my tale fits right in.

If you’re interested in ghost stories that contain both the expected and unexpected, check out Shades And Shadows, A Paranormal Anthology. You can find the Amazon like to the book: HERE. I’d love to hear what you think out how it all turned out.

Book Launch Video Link: Shades And Shadows on YouTube

Salt Lake Comic Con! September 5-7, 2013. Time To Have Some Fun!

Comic Con Logo

This week I will be one of many, many panelists at the first-ever Salt Lake Comic Con! There are so many events going on during the three-day convention. I will be taking part in three panels, one Thursday and two on Friday.

The first panel will be Making a Film on a Shoestring Budget. That begins at 6pm on Thursday.

Friday there are two panels. At 4pm I’ll be part of the panel, Managing Your Artistic Career While Working a Full-Time Job. To be honest, this one should have a lot of good advice for everyone–including me.

The second panel I’ll be on Friday is at 7pm, and it’s called, Steampunk, What Is It? Is It Here To Stay? That is a great question. Hopefully those attending will have those questions (and others…) answered.

Being invited to attend is a great honor. I look forward to spending time with so many fans of literature, film, cosplay, video games, comics, and paranormal investigators.

It’s the first Comic Con for our area and it’s only hours away!